Amazing Gardens From Around The World

download (11)As spellbinding as flowers could be, it may not be your thing. This is especially true when you can’t even grow a single plant during your science class.

Let these gardens prove you wrong. Ladies and gents, it is time to let go of your grudge with your science professor for taking away your playtime. It is time to take a refreshing stroll into the world’s most grandiose bed of flowers.

Dubai Miracle Garden (UAE)

What we know about Dubai and the Middle East are the vast desert land and very humid climate. Who would have thought that the place grows the largest garden on record? But, we can always expect grand and extravagance in Dubai. Miracle Garden’s magic will truly change your love for flowers. It houses more than 45 million floral varieties in vivid colors and fun shapes. The garden arrangement will change from season to season. You will definitely enjoy an assortment of flowers shaped into stars, arches, and hearts.

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha (Australia)

Brisbane Botanic Gardens Mt Coot-tha, established in the 70s, has become more breathtaking if that is even possible. It consists of several gardens arranged in different themes that bring the gardens from around the world into the 52-hectare field.

Flowers and plants incapable of growing under the Australian climate are grown inside the Tropical Display Dome. Seeing the plant display inside will give you the urge to grow your own and order flowers online Brisbane florists have in their gardens.

Versailles (France)

Château of Versailles is famous in its own right that even Hollywood royalties like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West tied the knot in the glorious estate. Its gardens are true to its roots with the formal French garden style and design that took André Le Nôtre 40 years to complete. Over four decades of hard work is worth the timeless beauty of the garden.

The garden’s fountains, ponds, and topiaries are the winning features of the garden. It may not have colorful blooms, but it flourishes alluringly cut or clipped topiaries into interesting shapes. Traipsing around the garden will give you the majestic French experience.

Jardim Botânico de Curitiba (Brazil)

Jardim Botânico de Curitiba show that love for country can be expressed through flowers. The flower field is a place for botanical research of scientifically recognized and systematized blooms that also promotes of floral patriotism. Special legislations are enacted for the protection of the garden. Yes, it is that important.


The Whale Migration in South Africa

download (7)Beautiful South Africa. Africa is home to many wonderful cultures and experiences. One such sight to behold is the migration of the whales along 1,200 miles of coastline. Where two oceans meet at the southern tip of Africa, you will find a vast array of cultures that only the Western Cape can offer. This is where you can watch whales from both land and sea.

Every year Southern Right whales move through the waters in a mass migration. This is where you will be able to bear witness to the calving and feeding of their joyous and playful young. These beautiful creatures can be seen scant meters from the shore. Because the whales venture so close, this allows for some of the best whale watching in the entire world. When can you see this miracle take place? The best times to witness this event are between June and November. You can see other beautiful whales in the Western Cape as well. Humpback whales migrate through the same area between May and December and Bryde’s whales can be seen a bit further offshore all year.

The route that the whales follow begins in the south of Cape Town and runs all the way to Durban. The route follows through many protected areas of land such as the Tsitsikamma National Park, the Garden Route, and the Transkei.

There are over 37 species of dolphins and whales that can be found off South Africa. The route is most famous for its encounters with the humpback whales and southern right whales as well as quite a few species of coastal dolphins. There are many different forms of marine life and birds to see as well. Along with whales and dolphins, you can also see Cape fur seals, African penguins, and black oystercatcher birds. The Cape Whale Route reaches 560 miles from Doringbaai to Storms River Mouth, which lies in the Tsitsikamma National Park.

If you want to observe any of the following whale migrations, you can go to any one of the following places.

Lamberts Bay

Saldanha Bay

False Bay

Bettys Bay

Ballots Bay

Herold’s Bay

Plettenberg Bay

Dana Bay

Mossel Bay

The Mossel Bay coastline also sees orca as well as the many other whales and dolphins. The killer whales are easily seen from June to November. Be advised, however, that it’s illegal to go within 300m of the whales while in a boat or any other vessel or aircraft unless you have a permit that allows you to do so. Please make certain that you don’t fall prey to unlicensed whale watching operations.


The History of Zanzibar

download (10)The beaches and the coasts of the island, or let us say the islands of Zanzibar are quite awesome. Situated across the Pemba Channel, there is the Pemba Island. This is another larger island of Tanzania. However, quite a few numbers of tourists who travel to Tanzania explore Pemba.

Although the beaches of Zanzibar are calm and relaxing, the heart of the island is vibrant with life and many activities. This is in fact where almost all travelers who tour Tanzania and visit Zanzibar begin their tour of the island.

Zanzibar is the first millennium when the tribes that used to speak the Bantu language resided in the main land that was once called Tanganyika started sailing towards Zanzibar and Pemba. Today many tourists who spend their vacations in Tanzania would mainly explore Zanzibar and the main land of the country.

Traders and fishermen from Arabia also started visiting Zanzibar since an early age. This was as early as the 1st century AD when primitive yet well established settlements emerged in Zanzibar that turned into one of the most popular touristic detonations included commonly in several trips to Tanzania.

It was in the 8th century AD, when traders from Persia started exploring Pemba and perhaps Zanzibar and began their settlements in this section that is now largely visited by numerous tourists who enjoy their vacation in Tanzania.

In the period between the 12th and the 15th centuries, the group of Islands became an independent state that supplies the surrounding region with slaves, gold, wood, and ivory. With the trading caravans coming from the East, Islam came as well. This is in addition to the Islamic architecture that has become an interesting characteristic that amazes travelers who tour Tanzania.

This flourishing age witnessed a decline at the beginning of the 16th century, when the Portuguese took control of the islands. However, the British as well had an interest in Zanzibar as they found it as a wonderful transit point for the caravans going and coming from India.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the Sultans and kings of Oman controlled Zanzibar and the trading activities increased and flourished once again. The remains of the Omanis and the Arabian style architecture are still among the most distinguishing characteristics of Zanzibar that amaze travelers who travel all over the world to spend a vacation in Tanzania.

Afterwards, in the middle of the 19th century, and in 1862 in particular, Zanzibar became independent from the Omani Empire. However, the Sultans of Oman have remained as rulers of the island under the British protectorate for 10 years, until Zanzibar gained its all independence and sovereignty in 1964.

However, Karume was assassinated in 1972 and his successor, Aboud Jambe remained the president of the country until he resigned in 1984. Today, there two major political parties in the group of islands of Zanzibar. There are Chama Cha Mapinduzi and Civic United Front that has its strong hold in Pemba. This stability in the political life of the country increased the number of tourists who travel to Tanzania.


Ways You Can Enjoy Better Taxi Fares

download (8)Taxi travel is very convenient and quick and the fact that now you can hail down a cab right from your smartphone takes the convenience to a much higher level. But even with all the convenience of using a taxi to get to where you want to be, you want to make sure that you get affordable and reasonable fares depending on the distance. If you are conscious about saving some money even as you enjoy taxi service, there are different ways you can make sure that you save some good amount every time you use a taxi.

Compare taxi fares – This is not very hard to do especially now that there are very reliable taxi fare estimators. Using the estimates you can compare between service providers and the travel options they have so you choose what works for your financial abilities at that current time. With so much competition and taxi travel packages, you will most definitely find reasonable fares that work for you.

Use new user promo codes – To encourage new users, taxi service providers offer discounts or coupons. Using such promo codes you can enjoy free rides or discounted rides to your preferred location. Regular subscribers can also enjoy similar discounts greatly saving money when using a taxi to their convenience. You can easily find such coupons and promo codes on the official websites of the service providers operating within your locality or from associated sources.

Use different location to find your ride – Surge pricing is very common, especially in areas and neighborhoods that have high demands. Peak hours seem to be most notorious for such price surges. To counter this, try to travel outside congested radiuses; boarding a taxi a block from your specific location or even a mile from the same can go a long way in saving you some money on the travel. Apart from stepping further from the pickup spot, you can do the same with the drop off point to enjoy the fare rates even during peak hours.

Share your ride – Some taxi service providers make it possible for you to share rides so you can split fare with the friends you share the ride with. If you are not scared one bit about sharing your taxi ride with people who might be complete strangers, the split fare feature now available in most providers can save you a great deal of money. If you go the same route with a number of friends then this is definitely a feature that can work well for you as far as fair taxi fares are concerned.

Refer friends to a taxi service provider – Modern taxis give you credit for every referral you get signed up with them. You can accumulate the credit for every person that joins the taxi network and eventually you can use the credit to enjoy free rides. In the end it is a win/win situation for you and the service provider; you save your fare money and the taxi company gains new potential customers.